michael's INZANE 1996 Stage NA coupe

-STILLEN intake
-STILLEN headers
-B&B TriFlo exhaust w/ dual 3" tips
-Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulley

Brakes and Suspension:
-PBR MetalMaster front brake pads
-Eibach progressive rate springs
-Tokico non-adjustable shocks

-Japanese-spec clear corner lenses
-Chrome twin turbo rims

in da membrane!

B&B TriFlo rocks!


7. Michael '95 Stage II NA JWT ECU & POP intake

15. Michael '95 NA baseline

16. Michael '95 Stage I NA JWT ECU vs. Stage II JWT ECU & POP intake

23. Michael '95 Stage III NA

24. Michael '96 Stage I NA with Stillen headers

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