Cargo Cover Repair:

Heat and excessive use of the cargo cover can yield to a split cargo cover where the handle is. The cargo cover is not inexpensive to replace. The repair method described is a long lasting, cheap, and effective fix.

Black Silicon RTV (100% silicon)
Approximately 25-30 standard clothes pins
Paper Towels

Parts needed:

Estimated Time Required:
Approximately 1 hour of labor

1. Pull out a length of the cargo cover, and set a large and heavy object such as a book. Shown, I used another cargo cover that I had repaired earlier (1.).

2. Peel back all the cover material from the rod. Remove the excess glue from the rod and cover material. I found it best to use my finger and fingernails to remove it. It should be easiest to remove the excess glue when cold (2.). This is the most time consuming part of this repair.

3. Apply liberal amounts of the RTV silicone to the rod, and both flaps of the cover material.

4. Starting from the center, Carefully assemble the two flaps of the cover over the rod. Using a clothespin, clamp the cargo covers flaps but not the rod. Do the ends, and start filling in the center of the gaps until the cover is full of clothespins (3.). Take care in cleaning any excess RTV that comes out using the paper towels. There is a risk of making a tremendous mess and ruining the repair if this step is not done properly.

5. Let the RTV silicone set at least overnight. Remove the clothes pins and clean any excess RTV with a sharp razor blade.

Originally published 01-15-2003

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