Door Alignment:

After many years of use, the stock Z32 doors can begin to sag and cause difficulty in opening and closing. In the past, it was recommended to replace the hinges. I found it easier, cheaper, and just as effective to just re-adjust the door hinges. The following article was documented on a '91 5spd TT.

Estimated Time Required:
Approximately 1 hour per door

1. To gain access to the door hinges, follow the article to remove the front fender; Fender Removal Tech. I ended up not removing the fender entirely because one fastener was impossible to remove. I was able to successfully pull the fender back with out damaging anything, and still have complete access to the door hinges.

2. Once access is gained to the hinges and the bolts, open the door as shown (1.). Place the hydraulic jack on the flat inner part of the door and just support the door barely. Don't lift the door yet.

3. Loosen the hinge bolts (6 x 12 mm) (2.).

4. Now, back at the hydraulic jack, lift the door so the latch on the door is approximately 1" higher then the latch hook on the car (1.). Tighten the bolts with enough force to check the adjustment, but not making it permanent. When lowering the jack, the weight of the door will settle and should line up for a perfect fit.

5. Lower the jack and check for proper adjustment. If everything is correct, torque the hinge bolts to 26-29ft-lbs.

Originally published 01-15-2003

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